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About us

Riaan and Adri, owners of Mooikrans Venue and Garden had a vision – to create an environment where nature and warm hospitality can co-exist in a wonderfully unique way. Since 2012 they have been working towards this vision, creating a beautiful garden, the venue, and the chapel.

Perhaps it’s a fusion of sensibilities with the garden and cliffs, from which Mooikrans derives its name. Or is it the romance underscored by a ceremony in a garden chapel? If not that, then maybe the fact that you may take a walk along a cobbling stream in which geese and duck bathe at dusk.

The Main Venue

The versatile venue is a modern take on the 1900’s industrial factory. The venue’s doors open to reveal breathtaking views of the garden. It can seat up to 100 guests.

The Chapel

The chapel is a living area, nestled in the midst of the garden, overgrown and guarded by two cast iron gates, allowing for a dramatic entrance by the bride. For an early evening wedding, fairy lights add to the romantic atmosphere.

The Terraces

A secluded path takes you on a journey through the landscaped garden where you’ll find a plethora of trees, a bubbling stream, and colourful flowers until you reach The Terraces – the perfect picture for an outdoor ceremony.

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